Corona Old Boy Lighter

Call for Price

From ten years experience, I've learned that every longtime customer at JFH ends up with one of these guys in their pocket. The same is true for the employees. We all carry a Corona Old Boy. The reason you ask? They are the best! The reason you ask? Well...

Corona Old Boy lighters are the best because we rarely, if ever, have to work on them. These are the most reliable lighters (not counting Zippo) that I have ever been around. Their strength is simplicity of design- all the workings are on top where you can get at them. There are no fancy little springs or gadgets inside to mess up. The whole tank is just that, a gas tank. It's HUGE! If you keep it full of butane, you can get by for a long time if there is an emergency; like you lost the can of butane in the recliner, or your three year old manages to flush a can down the toilet, or... you get the idea. If you are the type of person that doesn't loose important stuff, this lighter will keep you happy for the next 5-10 years or more!

The Corona Old Boy is the benchmark of quality. They are the lighter to which we compare every other lighter in the shop. If you have bought, busted, or cussed more than a half a dozen junk lighters in your days of smoking, or you are tired of all the disposables lying around everywhere, get yourself a great lighter you can stick in your pocket and never worry about. Get yourself a Corona Old Boy!! ***DUE TO THESE LIGHTERS ALREADY BEING FILLED WITH LIGHTER FLUID WE ARE UNABLE TO SHIP THEM. PLEASE COME BY THE STORE AND CHECK THEM OUT.

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