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Blueberry Bomb (Planta Tobacco of the Year MMVII)

Not huge on Aromatic blends, but I do enjoy them occasionally and it is nice to have a few on hand for the guest's sake. If you are and Aro-lover or even like me, you would not be remiss in having a jar of this on your shelf. Incredible tin note that soon becomes a wonderful room note. Damp, dark, and rich. I was worried I packed too tightly but it burned down to white, dry ash with only one tamping and relight mid-smoke. The blueberry topping is delicious; half BooBerry cereal/half natural blueberry. As you smoke the bowl down the blueberry becomes more natural tasting and though seems diminished, is ever present with a retrohale. I feel there is Burley in this as well as you will get a mild nic-hit. All and all, a satisfying and unique blend.
Date Added: 07/24/2017 by Justin Kline