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Shortcut To Mushrooms

I have been looking for a rotation partner with similar characteristics to pair with Sillem's Black, a sweet-cased Latakia/Black Cavendish which happens to be one of my favorites. Well, I believe I have found it with Shortcut To Mushrooms. Let me clarify the "mushroom" debate before delving into my review. According to an inquiry placed with JFH, mushrooms are not used in the blend. They blend the tobacco components with vanillas. I am sure that the creaminess of Latakia cased with the creaminess of vanilla is what accounts for the unique flavor.

Now for the review. The blend is predominantly a coarse cut black cavendish with a fantastic bag aroma of Latakia and vanilla. It was very fresh and only minimally sticky, but this did not interfere with the packing or smoking at all. It lit with ease and smoked cool and dry to the bottom. re-lights were infrequent. The amount of sweetly cased Latakia for me was identical in taste to that of Sillem's Black. The Black is cased with plum and vanilla. I actually find SB and STM so similar that it is difficult to tell them apart while smoking. STM has a more definitive vanilla pouch aroma which translates as a very nice sweetness to the smoke - a beautiful vanilla/latakia combination and not overbearing at all. I think there is a good amount of Kentucky in this as there was a spiciness I wouldn't necessarily say was from the Latakia - very nice! I recommend this blend very highly. It has just the right amount of Latakia for my taste. An excellent cross-over blend. Nice to know it is blended in the USA as Sillem's is not always readily available. I can reach for either and be equally satisfied. A weekly rotation smoke for sure. A magnificent 5 star blend that will satisfy the aromatic and Latakia fans both!
Date Added: 10/10/2009 by Rudolph Agresta