Cigar Misnomers

With the recent explosion of popularity of cigars, urban myths and misconceptions were destined to arise. Often these errors can be truly frustrating to retailers and manufacturers as they try to inform cigar enthusiasts in their quest for knowledge in their new hobby. Unfortunately, some people never learn to appreciate the full pleasure of cigars because of these misnomers! With that in mind, welcome to Uncle Bob's personal list of cigar smoking pet peeves.

Fresh Cigars: Cigars are best when aged under the proper conditions and climate. Assuming that the walk in humidor that you may frequent is properly maintained, those cigars that have been kept there for a year or more are actually going to smoke much better than the ones just received! As a cigar smoker, I do not know who started that rumor that fresher is better, but I would dearly love to shake his hand! I love it when cigar smokers refuse to buy the uncelloed cigars and opt for the ones I just received from UPS.

Cuban Seed: Since I have been in the industry, I have heard different versions of this misnomer exploited time after time. One manufacturer wrote a story about his cigars saying, "...fleeing the tyranny of Communist oppression, the precious Cuban seeds were housed in silken purses to protect the future of cigars." Although there are a few strains of piloto Dominican tobacco, the vast majority of cigar leaf grown in the world is from Cuban seed! This is similar to the Corinthian Leather found in Dodge cars! It means nothing as what gives the tobacco its overall flavor is the soil and climate in which it is grown!

Maduro equals Strong: Because maduro wrappers look richer they are often perceived as being strong. Pound for pound, when one considers cigars within the same line or blend then a maduro wrapper will make the cigar richer. But when one crosses brands this is no longer true. For instance the Cifuentes Robusto Maduro is richer than a Cifuentes Robusto Natural but it is no where near as rich as a TeAmo Robusto Natural!

Mild Cigars: This concept is difficult to address because the term mild means different things to different people. For instance most people mean "good" for mild and that usually translates into either smooth or light. What I may like is often different from what you may like! For further ranting on this topic please refer to Zen and The Art of Mild Cigars.

Cuban Cigars are The Best: I live in Missouri and I remember a time when you could not buy Coors beer in the state. People would drive to Kansas, fill up their trunks with ice and Coors six packs, and drive back while financing their trip by selling the six packs for up to $20 each! The moral of the tale is that people must have what they are told they can not have for now the only people in Missouri that drink Coors are the ones that really like it and are NOT employed by Budweiser. Cuban cigars are great richer, spicy, smokes with a touch of sweetness. People whom enjoy Ashtons should probably stick to smoother cigars.

Uncle Bob