Common Cigar Wrappers

AMS: American Market Standard; see Candela.

Candela: Sometimes known as a double claro, this wrapper is a greenish color made popular in The United States and is also known as AMS. It offers a bitter green apple type flavor to the cigar.

Colorado: A rich golden brown wrapper that is the lightest of the Maduros.

Connecticut: One of the most sought after and versatile cigar wrappers grown in Connecticut.

Claro: A light greenish brown wrapper.

EMS: English Market Standard is a richer golden brown color that is often referred to as a natural.

Maduro: This term used to describe a group of cigar wrappers that appear in some darker shade. This hue varies from darker brown to jet black and is produced by fermenting the cigar leaf. This is done naturally by stacking the leaf and applying water. As the leaf begins to decompose, the temperature begins to rise. Ideally, the temperature should be between 165F and 185F before it is turned to complete its maturation. This is done to produce a richer, sweeter flavor in the cigar leaf.

Natural: see EMS.

Oscuro: Sometimes called a Double Maduro, this is the richest and blackest of the maduro wrappers.

Shade Grown: Cigar leaf that was grown under shaded conditions, often with cheesecloth, to produce a light brown or khaki colored leaf. Connecticut wrappers are often grown this way.

Sun Grown: Cigar leaf that has no shading during growing and develops a richer reddish hue with more robust flavors.

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