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Longbottom Leaf

I am a new pipe smoker who has been smoking and enjoying Billy Bud by Cornell and Diehl, and English blend. Having said that, Longbottom leaf is very nice over all. The smell is the best of any tobacco i have smoked thus far. It leaves a little bit of a bitter taste in my mouth afterwords, but that is remedied by a little of my favorite coffee. The flavor during the smoke is nice, though I don't like it as much as my English Billy Bud. It does smoke a little wet, which can have a horrid taste when it gets in your mouth. However, it didn't happen more than once throughout the bowl. What i like though is that it didn't make me jittery like my Billy Bud often does, which I think is do to a lower nicotine content. It's definitely a nice social, relaxing tobacco.
Date Added: 03/13/2011 by Cody Cramer