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Treebeard in the jar smells dark and slightly sweet, not at all strong or overpowering. Light smell like the woods after a rain. Not overly moist, let it set out for 15 minutes. Packs ok, but Treebeard is accurate, as the ribbons are very long and the bowl keeps sprouting sprigs of light ribbons looking like me, when my beard needs a trim. Smoking this in a Peterson Rocky 03
Upon lighting, x2 char lights, lights very easy. First impression, not much here. Neither in the flavor of the smoke nor the nicotine dept. Very bland, but a little sweetness when snorked. This is what I wish I had started smoking a pipe with. More when I finish the bowl
While this starts out like a faint citrusy/sweet flavor being pulled through a fog, it builds in both flavor and strength. The tobacco burns unevenly and the Tamper is necessary often, but no problems staying lit. No tongue bite here, and the flavor remains the same at all puffing rates.....very mild but tasty
This grows on me the further I get into the bowl, it's a very mild blend, but savored and snorked often has terrific flavors, having a bit more trouble keeping bottom half of the bowl lit. Could be the rough cut, or my packing
Bottom line, this is good! Windy days, walking the dog, or in a group of people, this would be perfect! Will try another bowl, for am smoke tomorrow. Bottom half of the bowl, the flavors have become solid, and tasty, VA. Flavers shine here! Mild flavoring is very complimentary! Relights are often but also the only intensified flavors in the bowl. Lastly the tobacco burned cleanly to the bottom of the bowl leaving slight dampness at the heel of the pipe. I give it a solid 7 out of 10!
Date Added: 06/04/2016 by Timothy Bannister