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Ancient Mariner (Lane RLP-6)

Some tobacconists will tell you that Lane RLP-6 is the "premium version" of Captain Black White Label. While the two blends are somewhat similar, they are not the same thing. While they are both made with the same casing, there are distinct differences in the two blends.

RLP-6 is more of a rough cut rather than the ribbon cut used in some of the tobaccos in Captain Black. RLP-6 seems to contain a higher grade leaf and considerably less casing than it's drugstore counterpart. It has considerably less humectant added and lacks a certain harshness that is common with Captain Black.

This blend is a nice, all around aromatic that is available in most boutique tobacco shops under a myriad of names. It's reasonably priced. Smoked properly, you could smoke this all day without suffering tongue bite. It is a staple tobacco in my cellar and I often smoke it all day long.

It smokes slow and cool for an aromatic. Unlike so many of the Lane blends that have been discontinued, RLP-6 seems to have survived the Conwood ownership of Lane Ltd.
Date Added: 12/21/2008 by W.S. Blevins